Dark Matter fixed over coffee…

Funny, right?  Shouldn’t it be that easy?  😉 I am making a joke, of course.  Well mostly, I do think I’ve found some interesting and exciting correlations. When I see these hints already existing in today’s scientific research, I feel hopeful, that it won’t be such a huge change in direction to have these ideas […]

Gravity, thinking, plasma, inert gases etc – deep down the rabbit hole

Hello again!  It is good to feel inspired again here lately.  I felt like taking a break to “decentrate” some and focus on other areas of my life. I felt like I needed to revisit gravity again.  The understanding, or lack there of, is so important in how we try to describe the inner working […]

Photons – some musings and confusion. What am I missing?

Hi everyone!  It has been a little while.  Lots of stuff going on… But lately I’ve had electrons, photons, and neutrinos on my mind.  How spherical wave interference, transverse waves, longitudinal waves, etc… can explain some of the stuff we are seeing today and how DAMN confusing today’s “science” can be.  I think they even […]

The Optical Universe

“The Optical Universe” is a thought provoking video exploring different ways to approach our current understanding of Science and Spirituality. It aims to overcome society’s restricted way of thinking, giving humanity a different perspective of the Universe. Using Universal Laws, principles, sacred geometry, cymatics, waves, and other dynamic ideas, “The Optical Universe” provides simple concepts […]

Is the monopole a secret ingredient that we are missing?

Hey everyone!! While putting more info together for my book, I came across something I hadn’t really paid alot of attention to.  But seems pretty important in the grand scheme of explaining it all. The monopole!!   Let’s start with a standard definition: What I have come to learn in today’s Scientific climate, is that […]

Properties of waves and wave cycles. Scalar, transverse, energy and more.

Hello Everyone!  Today I’d like to talk about some different types of waves, their properties, and their cycles.  We will focus on two concepts or types.  One is longitudinal and the other transverse and how they fit in to the cycles. You may already be familiar with the common slinky image that shows the different […]

The vortex solar system is wrong? Why it doesn’t work with Walter Russell

I keep seeing people post info and videos about a vortex solar system.  I wanted to address a few things here and show the contradictions to Walter Russell’s work. There are many Russell researchers or followers who are pushing this concept.  This doesn’t make sense since it would demolish the foundation of Walter Russell’s science. […]

Time? Exploring Past lives vs Parallel lives

Hello Friends, I was having a discussion with my wife about parallel lives vs past lives[fun right! :)].  This made me revisit my thoughts on time. Most of the people I’ve talked to in the New Age community would say Spirit experiences no time or distance. So I would like to share my thoughts and […]

Gravitational waves, CMB, and what’s missing.

I wanted to express a few of my thoughts with all this news lately about how Astronomers have now found the “smoking gun” of the Universe’s beginning. They say that a growth period called “inflation” is closer to being proven by the measurement of “primordial gravitational waves”, which they say are ripples in space that […]

Radioactivity, Fusion and Fission…a layman’s take on what’s missing.

Hello friends… I woke up this morning with Fusion and Fission on my mind.  I must have had some interesting dreams or trips during the night.  😀 So I wanted to create an article dealing with the current view of fusion, fission, transmutation, and the cycle of the elements.  I wanted to approach this from […]

Astrology, the chemical elements, and us!

I’ve been thinking about Astrology and why certain planets in certain places could affect me in any way on the day I was born.  At first glance it seems hard to believe that it should at all. Well what if we looked at it like the chemical elements?  I believe that matter and the elements […]

Opposites , polarity, sex division, and confusion!

This post is mainly me speaking out loud.  If you have not studied any of the works of Walter and Lao Russell, this may not make any sense.  Or it may!  🙂   So if you have read every book over and over again from the Universal One to Atomic Suicide like I have (each […]

Electricity, Magnetism, and the Vortex

To start… I am not an electrical engineer nor have I studied this type of engineering(actually glad that I haven’t been tainted haha). I just wanted to bring up some interesting correlations for the chemical elements and talk a bit about electricity and magnetism. So before I go into it, I want to talk about […]

New images to help understand the process…

Here are 2 new images to help in our understanding of how the Universe works. This image shows the spherical wave interferences, convex and concave lenses, and vortex motions that all work together to create seeming matter or substance in this motion based Universe.   This image shows the Cosmic Clock, and Universal Ratios that […]

Part 2 – more diagrams of convex and concave lenses

Here are more images I have made to help in understanding how the lenses are made, interact, and work.  I have made these so that I may move things around and see the process from all different angles.  All images based on Walter Russell’s original work and diagrams!!

Diagrams on wave interference and convex lenses

Hello my friends… The more I work with lenses and wave interference the more it blows my mind.  To try and “think” or understand the fractal nature of what is going on everywhere, through everything, and then getting repeated, is just amazing. I took the image above (created by Walter Russell) to create the image […]

Lenses – convex / concave / meniscus. The key to the vortices of creation

So I have been working on lenses lately.  Here is a quick post to help in understanding how spherical wave interference create lenses which either focus or spread light.  Their interactions create the electric vortices of compression and expansion needed to make up this motion based Universe and all related matter in it. Here is […]

Cosmic Clock, locked potentials, male/female

I am back to studying the cosmic clock and how it can help explain how the locked potential steps happen and the life cycle of the chemical elements. I am also working on identifying what male and female sexed/polarized pairs are(in definition). So let’s start with male and female. There is a change that happened […]

Summing up how the Universe works in a few paragraphs?

Idea is eternal in the Stillness of Mind. We manifest that idea into this motion based world through thinking. Thinking is electric. It divides the stillness of equilibrium into two sexed pairs of red father and blue mother which seek their equal mate for creating, and then return to the stillness through cyclic interchange. Our […]

Cosmic clock / Universal Ratios -vortex layout

Ok so still working with the ratios of rotation, revolution, time, space, matter, density, volume.  I created a new image to show how we can progress to maybe a new chemical element chart or just a helped to understand how all things interchange.   My next step will be to fit the octaves in there.  […]

Revolution vs Rotation – more ratios

More thoughts on ratios and cosmic clock. rotation vs revolution rotational inertia revolution-moving in a type of orbit but in a cone or vortex motion and direction towards anode rotation-spinning on its axis farther away or closer to inertial/cathode plane has a revolution less than it’s rotation.  It is breaking apart by spinning fast.  Planets […]

Cosmic Clock -Inert Gases

So I have been really trying to understand the details of the chemical elements, locked potentials, and ratios of everything.  I was talking with a new friend who is also a Russell fan and with our dialogue back and forth, a few light bulbs went off. I looked back at the cosmic clock diagram in […]

Russell Cosmology in New Tech part2

Continuing the theme of Russellian Cosmology in today’s New Tech, here is part 2.  I will cover 2 devices/types of technology.  The E-Cat and BlackLight Power Inc. We will start with the BlackLight Power device. From company: “BlackLight Power, Inc. is the inventor of a paradigm-shifting new primary energy source and a new field of […]

Russell Cosmology in New Tech part1

Hello world…  I am going to post some of my thoughts about seeing Russellian cosmology in new “Free Energy” or “Over Unity” devices.  I chose 3 talked about technologies and will add my take on them.  The Papp/Noble Gas Engine process, the E-Cat, and Blacklight Tech device. You can read about all of this technology […]

Locked Potential Positions/Angles

Hello everyone… I’m trying to work through the actual locked potential angles of the octave wave.  I was wondering because I have tried measuring different images and paintings and they are not exact. I have tried getting my head around the different pressures and trying to relate that to the angle measurements. I have seen […]

Some thoughts on Scientific explanations

So a thought I had today about Quantum effects that I’ve read recently. I am trying to relate my understanding and what feels right to current Quantum and modern Science definitions. It just doesn’t add up for me. So I enjoy when others can explain some of them. Part of my problem is that we […]

Is the phrase “raising your vibration” backwards?

I had been pondering vibration throughout the Universe (yes I am a geek, I mean who ponders anymore?) and came across a statement from an acquaintance and he talked about “lowering your vibration”.  That got me thinking about the New Age philosophy of ascension and “raising your vibration”.  I then came upon multiple quotes from […]

Mixing Vortex Math and WR’s work

Some thoughts on mixing Walter Russell’s cosmology and Rodin’s Vortex Math.  I watched this video by Jamie Buturff and decided to make one of the paper devices. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOFPkTeqOTA&feature=plcp So after making one, I felt like I should try and match it to Walter Russell’s cubed wave field.  So I opened up the device and put […]

Russell’s Periodic Table

Ok I was thinking… Looking back at WR’s different charts of the elements. I noticed he had changed his mind a couple of times.I see where he lists the earlier charts going from small to bigger wave amplitudes. Even in the older 10octave chart it shows the elipsoids increasing in size the higher the octave. […]

The Mystery of Time (Chapter from A New Concept of the Universe by Walter Russell)

Here is some info on time that I was thinking about.  My thoughts in red. When we think of matter, we should think of the thought waves that created it. Likewise, we must think of time as accumulation of thought waves.  (thought waves are the motion that simulates matter) Thought-waves accumulate into cycles upon countless […]


Welcome to my site for all things Walter Russell.  I have just finished adding a bunch of new images to help in breaking down his Cosmology.  The next step will be to add the actual PDFs of his work and books. So far,  I have read a few of Walter’s books including “The Secret of […]