Light Coalition.  This started as a place for info on Dr. Walter Russell, but is always evolving…

Welcome!  I am inspired the most by teachers throughout history who copied and followed Nature.  I want to help bring this message of Love, Light and  the “Optical Universe”. This is a work in progress and I hope to keep updating and adding images, documents, videos, etc…



You may read this article to get an overview of how I think the Universe works, at this stage of my unfoldment.  Don’t forget to checkout the blog posts below or in the “my thoughts” section, for my take and ideas relating to all of this.

Thank you and much LOVE! Enjoy! – Chris

Photons – some musings and confusion. What am I missing?

Hi everyone!  It has been a little while.  Lots of stuff going on… But lately I’ve had electrons, photons, and neutrinos on my mind.  How spherical wave interference, transverse waves, longitudinal waves, etc… can explain some of the stuff we are seeing today and how DAMN confusing today’s “science” can be.  I think they even […]

The Optical Universe

“The Optical Universe” is a thought provoking video exploring different ways to approach our current understanding of Science and Spirituality. It aims to overcome society’s restricted way of thinking, giving humanity a different perspective of the Universe. Using Universal Laws, principles, sacred geometry, cymatics, waves, and other dynamic ideas, “The Optical Universe” provides simple concepts […]

Is the monopole a secret ingredient that we are missing?

Hey everyone!! While putting more info together for my book, I came across something I hadn’t really paid alot of attention to.  But seems pretty important in the grand scheme of explaining it all. The monopole!!   Let’s start with a standard definition: What I have come to learn in today’s Scientific climate, is that […]

Properties of waves and wave cycles. Scalar, transverse, energy and more.

Hello Everyone!  Today I’d like to talk about some different types of waves, their properties, and their cycles.  We will focus on two concepts or types.  One is longitudinal and the other transverse and how they fit in to the cycles. You may already be familiar with the common slinky image that shows the different […]

An example of my previous post regarding division: A note from Robert Otey to me

Any fans of Robert Otey and all Russellian Science fans and researchers.  Here is another example of what I was talking about in regards to this research community.  I speak about Unity and being open minded and I hope that we can move that way.  I felt the need to write about sticking together and […]

A letter to fellow researchers… using Aether/Ether as an example

So I notice throughout the Alternative Energy / Alternative Science community that people are starting to act just like the “Modern Scientific” community in regards to sensationalism and polarization.  It seems as if they are using the same tactics and almost religious like view of the work that they back and that everything else is […]

The vortex solar system is wrong? Why it doesn’t work with Walter Russell

I keep seeing people post info and videos about a vortex solar system.  I wanted to address a few things here and show the contradictions to Walter Russell’s work. There are many Russell researchers or followers who are pushing this concept.  This doesn’t make sense since it would demolish the foundation of Walter Russell’s science. […]

Time? Exploring Past lives vs Parallel lives

Hello Friends, I was having a discussion with my wife about parallel lives vs past lives[fun right! :)].  This made me revisit my thoughts on time. Most of the people I’ve talked to in the New Age community would say Spirit experiences no time or distance. So I would like to share my thoughts and […]